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Why Cyber Security?

Along with the increase in threats caused by cyber-attacks, the demand for educated specialists in the field of cyber security continues to grow.

Growing threats of cyber attacks

Over 90% of organizations believe that they are at risk of a serious cyber-attack and that the cyber security threat will continue to worsen.

The global cost of cybercrime will reach $ 6 trillion by 2021, twice as much as in 2015.

Leading cyber security organizations and experts agree that sooner or later critical infrastructure will be breached in companies world over, which will have very serious consequences.

Laptop w nocy

Too few specialists

Cyber security is the industry with the biggest skills gap.

Due to the lack of cyber security specialists, it is estimated that the industry has potential to create well over 3.5 million jobs worldwide by 2021.

Nearly 60% of organizations have vacant cyber security positions. Furthermore, 54% of organizations estimate it takes 3 months or more to fill such a position.

Studenci kierunku cyberbezpieczeństwo

Cybersecurity specialists are needed now!

Studying cybersecurity opens a secure career path for you.

Development of information technology

Development of information technology is readily available today more than ever. We are constantly exposed to attempts aimed to extort, steal or copy sensitive data from our systems.

Our dependence on information technology is inevitable but not secure. The data we place on the Internet is largely beyond our control.

It is estimated that the costs of remedying the effects of cybercrime in 2021 will amount to $ 6 trillion.

Companies' expenditures on implementing security strategies are constantly growing and this year will reach over $ 40 billion.

The question arises - where will this money go or who will earn it?

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Get a well-paid job with new skills

See what experts are saying about the industry, why you should join and how to learn cyber security skills.

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Are you ready to learn new skills?

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What do our studies offer!

Our studies are intended for people who want to stop hackers in their tracks.

  • Start working as a cybersecurity specialist

  • Learn the methods and techniques that allow to defeat online threats

  • Conduct online audits

  • Learn the very latest in up to date information, methods and protection against malwares, phishing and much more.

Program of studies

Courses HRS
Linux Operating System BN 30
Programming in Python BN 30
Computer Networks BN 30
Introduction to cybersecurity BN 30
Threats in cyberspace BN 45
IT English Terminology 60
Security of Web applications BN 30
Secure Programming BN 30
Computer Networks Security I 30
Information war in cyberspace BN 30
Public international law and cybersecurity 15
Cybersecurity strategies BN 15
Protection of intellectual property in cyberspace BN 15
Cybersecurity in government organization BN 15
Cybersecurity in the banking sector 15
Cybersecurity in business 15
Classified information protection 15
Penetration tests for IT Systems BN 30
Programming in Java BN 30
International cybersecurity cooperation BN 15
IT Systems Hardening BN 30
Applied Cryptography BN 30


Regular Fee
1st year
3400 euro
admission fee
20 euro
2nd year
3200 euro
Early Bird

(Proceed to pay for the 1st year
before the 31st of January 2021)

1st year
3400 3250 euro
admission fee
20 euro
2nd year
3200 euro

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